When’s the next dinner?

Date: 29th May 2018 – 18h00 for 18h30
VenueThe Atlantic Imbizo
Cost: R255 for a 3 course dinner, welcome drinks, coffee and a fabulous evening.

Atlantic Imbizo

Are you struggling to find a balance?

As entrepreneurs, we are usually leading chaotic, non-stop lives, and because of that, we forget the importance of taking time for ourselves (outside of our business). Having a good work-life balance can have more than just benefits to yourself, both mentally and physically, but can also benefit your business.

To spread awareness about how important self-care is to entrepreneurs, and all the busy bodies out there, we’re chatting to Zimbini about her self-care practices and how they keep your mind and body in check even on top of balancing their own businesses or a stressful career!

Zimbini Peffer

Marketing Director : Innovator : Creator : Building Brands & Building Capacity

Zimbini is a convergent thinker, strong collaborator and motivator. She thrives at building new projects, initiatives, or territory for an organization. She has a strong orientation toward getting projects completed quickly and successfully whilst maximizing the performance of the team in the process. Zimbini is a catalyst for change; with a strong tendency to work toward making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen. As a strong competitor and active self-starter, she will provide a high sense of urgency on workflow. She likes new ideas and offer them frequently, always trying to find a better way to solve problems, she is constantly seeking more efficient solutions. Zimbini is driven by competition, challenges, and economic growth.