Entrepreneur, Lauren Wallett is the creator and owner of Malva: an online marketing company. She’s also an award nominated actress from age 10. Lauren is the the co-chair of Marketing for the Silicon Cape initiative, a 2014 Pecha Kucha speaker, speaker for Startup Grind women, WomEng mentor speaker and a judge for Startup Chillie 2015.

In July she launched an online sales and distribution company in 12 days as a Malva case study and is currently working on a variety of new projects and StartUps under the Malva umbrella. She is passionate about creative entrepreneurship, being authentic in every situation and selling ideas through shared story telling. Let’s find out more about her.


When and how did your passion for technology begin?

In 2009, I sold Star Quality Performing Arts school and retired to a farm in Lanseria Joburg.

I then discovered Yola and taught myself how to build websites. A whole new world was possible and any idea could become a business option.

Building clients websites affordably and fast was a core offering of Malva marketing in 2013. Now I’m obsessed with online realities: how they connect us and allow us to ‘find our people’ unbound by space or time limitations. It’s a transcendent reality.


What advice do you have for young girls who are interested in this industry?

Remember that people are driven by emotion so tap into the heart of why you do what you do:  be it product or services. Technology is an enabler and provides solutions, but problems remain deeply human so don’t loose sight of that. Use technology to create simpler solutions.


What’s your favourite?

  • Movie – Requiem for a Dream
  • Book – Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand
  • Website – www.rebellesociety.com
  • Mobile App – SnapScan

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